Reikeletseng criticizes women for sabotaging their cause

FRANCISTOWN: HE for SHE Champion and Botswana National Sports Commision Chairman, Solly Reikeletseng, has criticized women for sabotaging their own cause by failing to support other women.

Speaking at the launch of the HE for SHE Campaign at Thapama Hotel in Francistown on Friday, Reikeletseng said women were failing to liberate themselves because they do not support each other; something he says derails their understanding of gender equality.

“When women stand for influential positions, other women do not support them, choosing to instead support men. I really wonder why women do not support each other when they usually have influential numbers that can help their cause,” he said.

Their inability to support each other, he said, also contributed to men’s poor understanding of gender equality. He argued that men tend to think that gender equality was about working equal jobs instead of being about equal opportunities.

“A lot of men still lack grasp of gender equality issues because women, instead of supporting each other for influential positions would rather support men. This is a cause for concern because we want to see them effective to the development of this country,” he said with concern.

The failure to support each other, according to Reikeletseng, has relegated women to ceremonial positions,
“This has bred perception that there are jobs that are specifically for women and man, which is wrong. This verbalized perception ultimately comes to action,” stated Reikeletseng calling for people to desist from associating women with perception that disadvantages them.