Sankoyo Bush Bucks suspends coach

Sankoyo Bush Bucks’ management has suspended their head coach Philani Mabhena. Mabhena has been suspended from coaching duties after the team lost 2-1 to BMC nearly a fortnight ago, a defeat that dashed their hopes of qualifying for next season’s Mascom Top 8.

Sankoyo chairman William Dikgosana confirmed to this publication that they suspended the coach last Wednesday. “We emailed him a letter on Tuesday, the following day (Wednesday) I gave him a letter of suspension,” Dikgosana said. He added that the coach has been suspended for two weeks and he will attend a disciplinary hearing on the 29th of May.

The reason behind the suspension according to the club chairman is the sour relation between the Zimbabwean mentor and the club’s management. Dikgosana stressed that the head coach has been suspended for his conduct towards management.

“The coach does not respect the management team, he belittles us as he can utter harsh words to us in front of players,” he said. The chairman also revealed that the committee had previously given the coach a warning letter in February.
He stated that the suspension has nothing to do with the team failing to qualify for the Mascom Top 8. Mabhena’s mandate at the beginning of the season was to save the team from relegation, Top 8 qualification was never a priority.

Information reaching this publication reveals that the suspension will open a can of worms for the cash stricken team. A source close to the club said that Mabhena’s suspension could have been fueled by the frustrations of players and the coach, who have not been paid their monthly wages since January this year. “They have not been paid for close to five months, we have been engaging them and they understand the situation,” the source claimed.

He added that Dikgosana acknowledged that the team is in financial constraints, they depend on gate takings due to lack of a sponsor. According to the source, the team had agreed that to pay players at the end of the season with the beMobile Premier League prize money.

Mabhena confirmed to this publication that he has been suspended, from coaching duties, asked why he has been suspended he refused to comment and referred us to the team management.
This publication has also learned that there is power struggle over who controls the club between the Sankoyo Tshwaragano Management Trust and the club’s management committee. The debacle has bought confusions among supporters.

There are additional reports of tribalism believed to be fueled by some of the supporters closest to the Sankoyo village which is 60 km away from Maun. They indicate that some supporters have closed the team Facebook group account to proclaim that they own the team and not the rest of the Ngamiland or other areas of the country.
It is alleged that the tribalism issue has affected the team badly and it could be one of the reasons why the team has been struggling to find a sponsorship.