Save land for Balete and Batlokwa-Segokgo

South East District Council Chairman and Councillor for Sefoke ward,Tlokweng Phenyo Segokgo says he intends to consult with Kgosi Puso Gaborone of Batlokwa, Kgosi Mosadi Seboko of Balete and other stakeholders to tackle land shortage in their district and called for quota system.


“Our area has a serious problem of Land shortage and land servicing. There was a stampede in 2008 in Tlokweng and another stampede in 2013 in Ramotswa, this is really affecting our constituents and the land board has to adopt technological measures to address this situation. People should start applying online and be given online reference numbers for follow up . On the part of allocation I appeal to fellow councilors to consider the quota system as a way of protecting and preserving the culture of Bamalete and Batlokwa”, he said.


Segokgo said the influx of people from Gaborone seeking plots in Ramotswa and Tlokweng will not protect and preserve the cultures.


Segokgo also told the council that allocation of plots in unserviced land is a problem as experienced by different areas such as Magope and Maratanang. He said this state of affairs hampers development due the high cost of ferrying water and that the areas are also prone to theft due to unavailability of power.