Six years, no toilets for disabled!

The Central District Council (CDC) is accused of neglecting Motetshwane Primary School’s dilapidated toilets which have been in that state for six years and the school now relies on damaged and blocked old fashioned pit latrine toilets. Concerned parents have complained about the state of the school’s toilets for about six years, but nothing has been done.

“Council employees always come here to assess the situation, but nothing ever gets done,” said our source who preferred anonymity. “It’s empty promises and many unanswered phone calls when one tries to follow up the issue,” said the source.

The Botswana Gazette team visiting the school was met by a terrible human excreta stench at the toilet entrance. There were two blocked pit latrine toilets, faecal material on the  floor and a roofless pit latrine toilet. There was no proper sewage system for students toilets’ and they were still using the old fashioned pit latrines. The team saw students using these toilets despite them being in a terrible state. One student, a standard four learner, told this reporter that “we do not have a choice but to just use them.”

Our source said some students have resorted to using the stream and the bushy area outside the school to relieve themselves because the toilets are not usable. The source said the situation is disturbing and not a good environment for the students’ learning process. Our informer said sometimes students relieve themselves inside their pants while they try to avoid using these toilets. Some only use toilets after school when they get home.

In an interview, Council Senior Assistant Secretary, Odirile Mabaila, told us that the council maintains the school every year. He denied that the poor toilet state has been going on for six years.
“Work is being done and our workers are going to unblock the toilets. We are in the process of installing new sewage pipes at the school,” said Mabaila.

He said the toilets are old because Motetshwane is one of the oldest schools in Serowe. He said there are no plans to build new toilets because the council does not have funds to build new toilets. According to Mabaila, the council will not be doing away with pit latrines because they are used when there is no water. The Senior Assistant Secretary promed they will be building a fully fledged sewage system and replace the old one. He said they will also repair damaged windows and doors after maintaining the sewage.