Skin Flint off to Sweden

Skin Flint, Botswana’s biggest heavy metal export to date  is set to play a tour of Sweden from the 31st of October until November 2nd.

The band has just completed  their 3rd studio album titled Dipoko and are currently hot of the buzz from recently received winning award for the best overall performance and best guitar at the Annual African Metal  Awards.
The group which is known for their  unique brand of metal which  mixes traditional heavy metal with lyrics from traditional ancestral beliefs, tribal wars chants  and the African occult has steadily gained international buzz . Members of the band  Sandra Sbrana (Hurricane Sandy) on drums, Kebonye Nkoloso (Raskebo) on the bass and Giuseppe Sbrana (Juice) on the guitar were introduced to the world of heavy metal through their fresh man and sophomore releases   Iklwa and Gauna respectively.

According to  Guisepe Sbrana, “the band was invited by a swedish music organisation, SELAM and will be performing two shows in Sweden.  On the 31st October 2013 we will be in Umea at Scharinska and 2nd of  November 2013 in Stockholm, Debaser Hornstulls. We are leaving on the 29th October and will be back on the 5th November.”

During their stay in Sweden the band will also meet with the media and other stakeholders in the Swedish music industry. This collaboration project between SELAM and Botswana Society for the Arts is made possible with support from the National Arts Council. This will not be the first time that the band will be performing outside the country. “The band has headlined and had successful tours from Southern Africa, all the way to Kenya,” adds one of the band members, Sandy.

Closer to home, the band has performed with local metal artists such as Amok, Nosey Road, Wrust, Remuda, Dust N Fire and shared the stage with international artists such as Carcass (UK). “Skin Flint would like to take this opportunity to thank all the fans out there who have supported us. Hail brothers and sisters of Metal. We hope to represent our country well in Sweden,”  added  Sandra “ Hurricane Sandy” Sbrana.