South African study group to give a report on the BPL

A technical study group from the South African Football Coaches Association was in Botswana to assess the quality of the beMobile Premier League. They are expected to give a report on the Botswana Premier League controlled division next week.

The group consisted of veteran coach Ted Dumitru, Sudesh Singh and former South African Football Association Communications Director, Moreo Senyane. Informal reports point out that the trio was relatively impressed by the league.
They attended league games and held discussions with local coaches in recent weeks. The BPL’s official website stated that the trio highlighted improvements pending in the standard of coaching, organizational support and resources.

BPL Chief Executive Officer Bennett Mamelodi informed Gazette Sport that they are expecting a full report from the technical study group. “They came to cast an eye on our league, to assess the standard of our division. They will send us a detailed report of their findings, the report will include recommendations on how we can improve our league. Possible collaborations could also be discussed,” Mamelodi commented.

In November 2013, this publication ran an article on the BPL’s intention to benchmark on the Premier Soccer League. The local league has taken the first steps to emulate if not surpass their South African counterparts.