Speakwell to offer effective Customer Service training

Local business training institution, Speakwell, has launched Readymade, a new product aimed at improving service and communication in the business environment.
According to General Manager and founder of Speakwell, Cliff Kepaletswe, Readymade is crafted for all individuals involved in a business, who have to deal with people, “Communication is not for the front desk person  only; all the people who have to communicate with clients on behalf of an organisation, have a Public Relations responsibility,” said Kepaletswe.
“An undisputable trend we have observed from our valued corporate clients is to demand training in either one of, or all of the following, which are Business Telephone Etiquette, Presentation Skills and Effective Customer Service. This leads to the conclusion that these three disciplines capture the essence of business communication and are the engine for sustained relationships in business, as identified by these corporate clients who are in actual fact, employers,” he said.
“It is therefore essential that potential employees recognize their responsibility to be appealing to potential employers, especially in this very competitive environment where even unemployed graduates are a norm and not an exception to the rule. It has become of critical importance that potential job seekers acquire an edge over the mass of job seekers that are looking for limited job opportunities,” he argues.
Kepaletswe further said that the task of addressing an audience effectively is proving challenging, even for experienced corporate persons, he puts this down to the lack of training in such skills. “I have had the privilege of directing countless ceremonies, both social and business alike. These engagements somehow gave me an opportunity to closely examine different men and women of diverse socio economic standing during their definitive public speaking endeavours,” asserted Kepaletswe.
The second component of the programme entails Business Telephone Etiquette, which Kepaletswe says is vital for selling the business and portraying the right image, from the time one starts a telephone call right to the end of it.
Effective Customer Service is about putting the customer first, said Kepaletswe. “We want to create a generation of people that are customer focussed and we can then get rid of the negative culture of bad service that the public complains about all the time,” he added.