Spy equipment saga claims first victim?

The saga of the missing Botswana Defence force missing spy equipment has taken a new twist. It is expected that this week government will withdraw the case and reach a settlement with Brigadier General Peter Magosi and Sergeant Dzikamani Mothobi. A source close to developments told The Botswana Gazette the case has been dropped on orders from the powers that be who are less than impressed with the way the whole issue was handled. It is alleged that the country’s power brokers are not happy with the unfolding of the saga as they feel that Galebotswe has wronged people who know too much. “The feeling is that Galebotswe has failed to play his cards properly.” the source said.

Furthermore, the source says, revelations that part of the saga was allegedly driven by personal motives also led to demands that BDF commander Lieutenant General Gaolatlhe Galebotswe resign.

Galebotswe is allegedly serving a three months notice for among other reasons causing divisions within the BDF, and allegedly spending more time allegedly fighting personal battles.
The source further alleges that the saga had caused divisions in the BDF especially as Magosi and Mothobi are largely believed to be innocent.

Brigadier General Peter Magosi and former spy, Sergeant Dzikamani Mothobi were expected to appear before a BDF board of Inquiry this month in connection with phone jamming devices that reportedly disappeared while Magosi was still the head of Military Intelligence. The duo was saved from the inquiry last month by a Justice Key Dingake interdiction of the hearing saying they should have proper legal representation. Permanent Secretary to the President Eric Molale and Head of the Directorate of Intelligence and Security Services (DIS) Isaac Kgosi were cited on the papers to testify against Magosi and Mothobi.

It is understood that the BDF and the Attorney General are no longer pursuing their case against Magosi and Mothobi following the alleged instruction from the top last week Thursday. The matter is expected to be put to rest sometime this week (most probably Wednesday) when the two parties are expected to make a final settlement in writing.

The said equipment is reportedly at the Office of President (OP) as it was allegedly handed over to Permanent Secretary to the President (PSP) Eric Molale between 2006 and 2012 in Kasane. According to sources, OP borrowed the equipment from MI to tap cell phones of suspected criminals who were involved in human and drug trafficking.

Among those called to testify before the board of inquiry are Permanent Secretary to the President Eric Molale and head of Directorate of Intelligence and Security Services (DIS) Isaac Kgosi. The inquiry was expected to reveal the extent to which Molale and Kgosi may have been involved in the illegal use of GSM jammers and phone data spying equipment and the role they played in the alleged disappearance of the equipment.

The Attorney General Athalia Molokomme declined to comment on reports that they are withdrawing the case saying it was after hours. Acting Minister of Presidential affairs and Public Administration Shaw Kgathi pled ignorance on the matter. The BDF stated last week that they will not be responding or commenting on any report on the BDF.