Stay trendy this winter season

The winter season has kicked in and just because temperatures have plummeted does not mean your fashion game should drop too. Time Out caught up with fashion stylist Tlamo Mosinyi to give insight as regards to winter warm ups that will be trending this season.

Timberland Boots
They have made a comeback and are one of the hottest trends. They are suitable for the cold season and for men, women and children. They graced the footwear market 40 years ago and the boots are stepping back into the fashion forefront thanks to a few famous feet including Rihanna, the Carter’s and Kanye West among others. After the re-introduction of the boots, Timberland inspired shoes and replicas have also been spotted in fashion stores, runways and city streets with the introduction of platform high-heeled version for women. For a mean shoe, game new colours have also been introduced (cherry red and black) but the yellow ‘Timbs’ boot still dominate the fashion scene. While there are several ways to rock ‘Timbs’ it is understood they look better when they are worn with loose laces and not choke your ankles.

Faux fur coats and jackets    
Another trend to look out for is the faux fur coats and jackets, which have remained relevant over the years because of their warmth, durability, and status symbol.  According to Fashion History site, in European societies luxury furs became associated with those on the top of the social strata and in the last two centuries, the growing middle classes in Western Europe and in North America have developed an insatiable taste for them as a way of expressing their social status, or to give themselves an ultra-modern look. The faux fur coats and jackets have been introduced in contemporary designs and patterns. The faux fur can also be spotted in hats, beanies, and turbans; which are also trending this season.

Head game
For this season you might want to dig back out your hats, beanies and knit turbans for a stylish warm look. Even though the floppy hats were lasts season’s favourite they have crossed over to the winter season as Burberry and Max Mara made it perfectly clear during the 2015 fashion month that floppy hats are making a huge comeback in great colours and textures fit for even the winter season. Another big trend this season is the Veiled Beanie and cat eared beanie, which are experimental, and innovative style wise. A net veil gives a regular black beanie a romantic-goth makeover.
With the saying ‘trends come and go but style is eternal,’ Mosinyi added that fashion staples that have been in existence can also be worn this season such as the versatile ponchos for the ladies, bulky scarf’s, knee high and ankle boots, woolen coats in camel, leather gloves and hoodies but peplum tops, dresses and chunky jewellery should be avoided.