Stop attacking BCP – Boko

The president of the Umbrella for Democratic Change (UDC), Duma Boko has pleaded with members of his party to desist from insulting and attacking the Botswana Congress Party (BCP) and its members on social media and other political forums.

Boko said this at a UDC star rally over the weekend in Francistown. He indicated that there was nothing wrong with the BCP, emphasizing that members of UDC should know that BCP members are now part of the Moono generation.

“And by saying this to you today, I want the insults and attacks that have always been directed at BCP members on social media platforms to stop because we are now one, we need each other at this time,” he said. He went on to advise members of the UDC to welcome the BCP members and make them feel at home.
“The BCP is fine, we are waiting for them as they are a part of us. There are no more assumptions and suspicions as to whether they are with us or not; the leadership of the BCP and it’s members are part of moono, what is left is to set a date when we will welcome them in celebration and ululations,” revealed Boko.

Further, Boko explained that as opposition parties they need each other to save Batswana from the BDP led government.
He opined that it should be in the nature of UDC members to forgive and welcome whoever wants to join the party, no matter how much they sinned against the UDC in the past. “Do not ask BCP members where they have been and why they did not join the UDC project earlier as that is history now. What we should be concerned about is welcoming them and working together with them to carry the work forward,” reiterated Boko.

Boko also indicated that already the Botswana Democratic Party (BDP) is feeling the heat and some of them have approached him to say that they will be coming to join the UDC.

“When they see us, they grab us and voluntarily tell us what’s happening within their party and that is how we know some of the corruption incidents that some of them are committing but I want to promise and assure them that we are aware of what they are doing. Some involve themselves in corruption acts on purpose because they want us to find a weak economy when we take government in 2019, but they should know that the law will take its cause. They can run away but we will get them and establish how they got their riches and if they were accumulated fraudulently, we will confiscate them and use them for the benefit of Batswana. As for them, they will go to jail,” he said.

He also indicated that right now the President is protected by the law from prosecution because he is still in office but once he steps down, all that will be no more. If he has a case to answer, he will be taken to task.