The Y’ello Era: Connectivity for your Enterprise

Remember the days when high performance technology was a pipe dream depicted in old Hollywood movies as a stage the world would only see after maybe a millennia?
Think back to the times of floppy disks and office-desk sized CPUs. Fast-forward to today, and the pipe dream is a reality.  Inter-continental linkages aren’t only through plate tectonics anymore.  We now live in a world where data storage is in the virtual realm; where ICT business solutions linking countries far and wide are the new world order.  Say “Y’ello” to MTN Business Botswana!

Picture this: you are a boutique owner, or sell shoes in a makeshift stall you operate from the boot of your car. Ordering stock and ensuring its delivery from another continent to your doorstep can be a mammoth task; thanks to MTN Business Botswana, your stock destination is a click away.  Our product portfolio boasts an array of services based on our fundamental pillars of Connectivity, Communication and Collaboration. This is the way the world is going.
The biggest taxi company in the world, Uber Taxi, doesn’t own any vehicles.  Uber depends solely on borderless internet solutions. By May 28th 2015, Uber Taxi was available in 58 countries and 300 cities worldwide and has become a true testament of the power of connectivity.

MTN Business Botswana operates as an Internet Service Provider and focuses on the provision of ICT services to businesses from Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) to Large and Multinational Customers (MNCs).  A subsidiary of MTN Group, MTN Business Botswana opened its doors for business in Botswana in March 2009 and boasts of access to a global network that is live in 21 countries from Africa, the Middle East, London, Amsterdam and Cyprus.  So, whether you are running a corporate business with branches as far as Abu Dhabi or have an idea to grow your business to reach the corners of Cairo, MTN’s Global MPLS network is your “one stop shop” to help bridge the gaps caused by an enterprise operating from different geographical locations.

Imagine the limitless opportunities that can come with borderless Internet solutions!  MTN’s Mantra is One Africa Network (One Africa, One World), translated; If you are an enterprise that has a footprint across the African continent, you need one network that can rapidly respond to your ever-changing needs. This means that the ordinary Motswana business that is looking to expand into Africa and the World, can benefit immensely from our seamless services and will not be held back by issues of connectivity.

Technology really is a new world order; and with over 20 years in the telecommunications sector, it’s no wonder MTN is viewed as the pioneer of premier enterprise connectivity solutions in Africa.  Analysts from American multifunctional financial services company Citi Group compiled a World Champions List in which they named MTN Group as the only (originally) South African company on the list of global companies dominating their respective fields, getting recognition once again for the success and excellence in service delivery and as an enabler of technology.

Say goodbye to the briefcase, and say hello to the tablet.  Imagine all your ICT solutions being at the tap of your finger. Welcome to the bold new digital world. Say “Y’ello” to borderless connectivity.
Oteng Mogomela is a member of the Corporate Sales team at MTN Business Botswana.