Tlou wins BCP Francistown region Chairpersonship race

FRANCISTOWN: The newly elected Botswana Congress Party (BCP) Francistown Region Chairman, Professor Tlou has promised to launch a massive youth recruitment drive in order to attract more youth to the party.

The Former Councilor won the hotly contested seat over the weekend by a slim margin of 55 votes against 51 of his longtime rival Dr Habaudi Hubona.
In his victory speech, Tlou prioritized youth recruitment. “As the chairperson of this region, my intention is to come up with strategies to contain the already existing members as well as recruit new ones. We have to find out what appeals to the youth in order to win their loyalty. If we can resolve that one, come the next general elections, the region will wrestle some of the constituencies from incumbent parties,” he stated.

Further, Tlou expressed that, though they are not in government, they can still come up with strategies that can improve the lives of ordinary Batswana as a way of attracting them to their folds. “Even as the opposition party I believe that we should be seen building structures that can help ordinary Batswana to make a living. We should not only be seen when the election approaches, we must continue to engage Batswana,” emphasized the newly elected Francistown Region Chairman.