Transport businesses to benefit from reduced fuel pump prices

Following the announcement made by government a fortnight ago of a reduction in pump prices for diesel, petrol and illuminating paraffin, there has been a heightened sense of expectation in the transport industry.

Pump prices of all grades of petrol were decreased by 15 thebe per litre while diesel and paraffin saw a 40 thebe per litre decrease. The reduction of prices propped up both retail and wholesale profit margins with the retail margin having gone up 2.6 thebe per litre and the wholesale margin 2.2 thebe per litre.
Gazette Business visited the Gaborone Bus Rank and asked public transport operators what the reduction in prices meant for their businesses. “My brother, we are delighted. Reduced prices mean that I can fill up my car at a lesser amount than before thereby increasing my profit,” explained one combi operator. “All our proceeds went into fuelling our cars, now we can make some money,” said the other.

Gazette Business caught up with one Shell Filling Station administrator who preferred anonymity and asked him what the reduction in pump prices meant for their business. “We will sell larger volumes of all the three fuel types. Ever since the announcement was made, customers have turned up in large numbers to fill up their cars,” he responded.

The administrator, however, decried the seeming lack of awareness among other people about the reduced fuel pump prices. “It’s been two weeks now since the price reduction was announced, but some of our customers do not know anything about it. Government and the media should step up their information dissemination methods,”  he concluded.