Trend Alert: return of happy socks

Socks are rarely given the attention they deserve and while  we are all quick to pick up a new tie, earrings or bag to liven up an outfit,  the same is seldom said about a new pair of socks. The introduction of the brightly colored or happy socks by local store Urban Soul has seen many fashionistas and celebrities jumping on the “new” trend  which is essentially a throwback  from the 80s.
According to Urban Soul’s Molefi Nkwete, the happy socks have always been there but this time around they have made a comeback with even zanier, contemporary designs. “Happy socks are a huge trend for both men and women. And they have made a comeback at the right time because we are approaching the winter season. The demand for the socks has always been here in Botswana; it’s just that we are always a bit late here to introduce a trend. But now that they are available and the response is huge,” he told Time Out.

When to Wear Bright Socks?
If you’re not in a suit-and-tie formality sort of situation, you generally have the option of wearing happy socks  if you want to. It has to be done right and you can’t just throw them on with anything. They are usually worn to liven up a simple outfit and when you want an extra colour combination. According to Nkwete happy socks can work with joggers for the ladies and three quarter pants for men but some people can make it work in other outfits. Arthur Mafokate is one celebrity who has managed to make the happy socks trend work for both casual and formal wear. When it comes to the fashion dont’s of happy socks, they do not cut it as part of a serious business outfit or a sombre occasions like funerals.

Happy socks company which currently distributes the socks worldwide was created with the intention to inspire Happiness in the lives of its founders, Viktor Tell and Mikael Soderlindh and those around them. Hailing from Sweden the label was filling a void in the market for affordable, colourful socks. The founders wanted to spread happiness by turning an everyday essential into a colorful design piece with a rigid standard of ultimate quality, craftsmanship and creativity. For their forthcoming campaign, the Swedish footwear kings enlisted Snoop’s creative team to explore The Art Of Inspiration with their latest music collaborator.