VP Tsogwane’s shady Past?

  • He has changed his surname
  • He was barred from entering Orapa
  • His name linked to diamonds theft in Orapa
  • It was common in Boteti- Tsogwane says


Before he joined politics more than two decades ago, Vice President Slumber Tsogwane was known as Slumber Mmolawa. While still using the Mmolawa surname, Slumber was prone to encounters with law enforcement officers. It is alleged that at some point, he was barred from entering Orapa because he was being investigated in connection with diamond theft at the Debswana mine.
Tsogwane has since carved himself an illustrious career in politics and is referred to in parliament as ‘Father of the National Assembly’ because of his long service (four terms) as Member of Parliament for Boteti. But before he joined politics and perhaps as a sign of turning a new leaf in his life, Slumber got rid of his grandfather’s name Mmolawa and started using Tsogwane, a name whose origin this publication was not able to establish even as allegations suggest it is his father’s name.
In a brief interview with The Botswana Gazette on Monday, Tsogwane confirmed that he once used the Mmolawa surname but would not reveal reasons for ditching it. ‘‘That is my grandfather’s name,’’ he said. Tsogwane also confirmed his encounters with law enforcement officers but was quick to explain that he has never been found guilty of any offence. ‘‘It was common in the Boteti area that when you buy a new car you are viewed with suspicion and the police start interrogating you,’’ the soft-spoken Vice President said.
Tsogwane said being denied access into Orapa did not mean he had stolen anything from Debswana but was instead just a common practice to deny suspects access into Orapa pending investigations. ‘‘I never stole anything and I was never convicted of any crime,’’ Tsogwane said, explaining that he was a teacher at Rakops Junior Secondary School at the time.