We need representation!!!

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It pains me to express my heartfelt grievances through this medium. I could not take it anymore; I couldn’t watch a handful cadres abduct the rights of thousands of comrades that resides in the lengths and breadths of this beloved Bechuanaland. We have been ripped off our right to representation, which, in a properly functional democracy comes in the form of elections.


Who have elected the BCPYL leadership? Though this is not the core of my argument, it has stirred concern and triggered debate even from the tiniest of political minds. BCP youth are an angry lot. To attest that there is internal democracy at the league is phantasm. Yes, there are a plethora of problems at the league, but, in my humble opinion it does not warrant for comrades hopping into the next ‘can of worms.’ The BCP had its own fair share of democratic flaws, but for one to seek political refugee from the decaying UDC or the corrupt BDP is tantamount to abdication of national responsibility. While political infants decamp under the auspices of lack of democracy, I shall remain, and I shall fight any form of injustice that bedevils this mass movement. Before I am being vilified for being against the ‘party’, let me hasten to elucidate that we all constitute the BCP and as thus have equal responsibility to openly discuss and debate issues that affects our beloved movement. How will we advocate for the airing of a live session of our parliamentary discussions whilst we shun open debates at an organizational level? Our youth league is dysfunctional.


I lobby all progressive persons amongst the BCP youth to move swiftly in an endeavour to replace it. Not just change of faces, but to bring in a more open minded, robust and radical one that can resonate with all the youth that spans the whole of Bechuanaland. Last week was a ‘week of sadness’ at the University of Botswana and none of them gave UB students audience and some are University Professors. As always, they were dining and wining with the oppressive UB management. This was the most recent epitome of how brutal our very own leaders can be. Yet most of them purports and masquerade as Marxists. Having noticed that we do not have any youth representation, our party president, Hon Dumelang Saleshando was quick enough to maneuver through a very busy mid afternoon traffic to come and hear our concerns. These people are always enjoying the comforts of air-conditioned offices whilst we face the harsh realities of being born in the remote areas of this Republic, where there are very limited opportunities, unless you are kindred to a village chief or some social worker. I am not saying they should share any of their proceeds with us, the poor; all I am saying is that they should represent our aspirations.


No matter how miniature our dreams may seem to them, we would love to realize them. With unemployment rampant amongst the youth, our youth league should have made it their mandate to advocate for policies that can elevate our living standards. I want the league that stands for quality education. I want the BCPYL that would do anything for the indigenous youth of this country to have equal opportunities to the Khamas of our era.


Cde Kethebe General Sethunyane

+267 74051731