Wedding expo bridal show wows crowd

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With the evolution of time, comes the evolution of fash- ion. The Wedding Expo held at Masa Square this past Saturday was the definition of wedding and bridal fashion evolution. Local designers Blacktrash and Lebo Merafhe, as well as South African Craig Jacobs showcased their wedding designs and put on a spectacular show, much to the delight of attendees. The twelve hour Wedding Expo, which started at 10am until 10pm attracted plenty of brides and grooms-to-be . The event also saw one gentleman proposing to the love of his life and winning a trip to Mozambique, courtesy of Lansmore Hotel. Saving the best for last was the bridal fashion show which was a way of promoting local designers.


Lebo Merafhe, who wowed the crowd with her simple yet sophisticated de- signs, shared with Time Out that, “My designs are for the fierce bride who is not afraid to look sophisticated. Of course I have simple pieces as well, but at the end of the day what matters the most is that the individual who wears what I make for her looks unique.” Bringing maturity and experience to he show was South African fashion house Fundudzi by Craig Jacobs. In an exclusive interview with Time Out Jacobs mentioned ,“I just love the way women walk, I love the flow the walk gives to the dress that is why my dresses flow. My clothing is also understated and very retail. That is why you can find them at stores such as Edgars.” Asked about the difference in bridal wear design between back in the days and now, Jacobs said, “There are no rules anymore. There was a time when brides had to wear certain types of dresses and look like marshmallows, but there is freedom to wear whatever one wants now. Rules are broken and that is a good thing, for both designers and the free spirited individual.”


Speaking to Time Out, Pamela Singh-B, owner of Embrace Weddings and Events, a South African wedding coordination company and official sponsor of the wedding expo stated that even with wedding planning, things have changed drastically .“People are more inclined to involve the services of a wedding planner now because they realize the importance of having professionals assisting them with the planning of their big day. It takes the burden off their shoulders and the couples can focus on more important things like being in love and having a stress-free wedding,” she noted. Local fashion powerhouse Blacktrash stole the show with their chic and edgy designs, closing the show off with a bang. Lansmore hotel Sales and Marketing manager Botho Mogami said that the hotel management was happy with the feedback from the public and promised to host more lifestyle events during the year. “The turnout was fantastic, over a thousand people came throughout the day. Lansmore Masa Square will be hosting more events in the year.”