2019 welcomes the return of Son of the Soil

After a year’s hiatus, organisers of the highly anticipated Son of the Soil (SOTS) cultural event have announced the return of this year’s installment slated for the 2nd of March at Serokolwane Lawns. Held under the theme, Kwa re go yang –re ipela the event will showcase Botswana’s diverse cultures through dance, song, games, food, extravagant traditional designs and arts. The objective of Son of the Soil is to continuously find innovative ways of engaging the youth and the community around issues of culture in a bid to preserve and learn about Batswana’s various indegious paractices and celebrations.

The  event was cancelled last year with organisers citing reasons of regrouping and in the process preparing for this year’s event. “The event has remained relevant to its objectives over the years for fostering a sense of cultural identity and pride for Batswana. It is true we have decided to postpone this year’s event. It is in the best interest and attractiveness of the event as this year’s planning process has taken longer than anticipated. We intend to ensure an exciting and renewed experience for all future events,” the organisers, Bana Ba Mmala previously stated in a press statement.

In 2017 the cultural show pulled off a successful 13th edition held under the theme ‘Kwa re go yang re Kgabile’ with over 2 000 people turning up at Serokolwane Lawns. The cover charge for SOTS 2019 is P250 for adults and P100 for children.