A.T.I pulls off captivating One-Man Show despite hiccups

  • Multitudes express delight in the end
  • Mayor of Francistown wants the show back next year
  • Wants “exorbitant charges” for use of the stadium revised


Other than sound hiccups and grievances by a few over lack of a supporting artists’ line-up, A.T.I’s one-man show music festival has had revellers express sheer delight in the captivating performance of the award winning hip-hop sensation at Obed Itani Chilume Stadium last Saturday.

Before the music show of the Serowe-born artist, Atlasaone Molemogi, there was controversy around the absence of a line-up of artists amid allegations of lack of support by other big artists. Doubts about the festival even happening were raised.

But in the end, the “Khiring Khorong” hit maker pulled multitudes and captivated them in a first-of-its-kind show for Francistown. A.T.I’s signature tear-drop and his unique stage entrance left many emotional.

Lekhete le Letona, as he is affectionately called by fans, pulled off a stunt when he landed from a crane and then displayed incredible stamina by staying on stage for nearly five hours without waning. A reveller who gave her name as Laone Mpalawali whooped with delight in an interview with Time Out.

“I failed to hold my tears back when A.T.I landed from the crane,” she hooted. “It was so emotional because the rumours that circulated before the show did not distract him in any way. Lekhete gave his best performance. It was the first time I attended an A,T.I show and I was joyed beyond my expectations. Even though there was no line-up of so called big artists, we had value for our money.”

The Mayor of Francistown, Godisang Radisigo, was also a picture of delight. “I am so happy that the event attracted such a crowd and I want it back next year,” he said. “I was a bit worried when it started, thinking that it might fail. The festival meant a lot to the people of Francistown, especially the informal sector as they had an opportunity to make some money. I would like the festival to be held again next year without any of the little hiccups that the organisers faced.”

The Mayor’s only complaint was the high prices charged on promoters who want to use the stadium. “These exorbitant charges have the potential to chase promoters away,” he said. “P200 000 is a lot of money for them. If we want these facilities to be utilised, the charges ought to be revised.”

Tebogo Nkadile, a Francistown-based artist better known as Ras-T, was happy with the way the show was organised. “You will recall that lot of people were concerned that there was no line-up of artists,” Nkadile noted. “The plan was to have a surprise line-up and I commend the organisers for this because everyone was curious about whom to expect. It was unbeknownst to most people that revealing the line-up late was a part of the plan. I commend the organisers for this because it was the first time I experienced this.”