Artists Want Money Not Workshops, COSBOTS

  • “We are truly sorry…please expect further communication regarding the scheduled date for the distribution workshop,”- COSBOTS
  • You must be outta your minds! – Artists


If the Copyright Society of Botswana (COSBOTS) thought it would win new friends in its new move to conduct royalty payments “workshops” instead of giving artists their long overdue dues, it should think again!
The recent announcement of postponed royalties payments initially planned for 19th January this year was met with red hot scorn by some artists who view COSBOTS as nothing more than a ‘dream killer’; these views add to already hardened perceptions about the trouble-ridden royalties collecting body.
“This is disrespecting artists to still do this after many years…you have put artists under disrepute it’s enough, artists have lost their dignity because of this intentional poverty. They care about the public’s perception instead of us the artists,” said an irate Thabanga Garogwe, the Ke a Gana Bo Mma crooner, who says he feels embarrassed and disappointed by the decision.
Kearoma Rantao, another local artist says after this recent disappointment COSBOTS should just close shop.  “This is shocking…this is a clear sign of us not knowing what we are doing. Are salaries being paid too in that office? What has been the procedure all along? Who is to blame here? it’s painful to be an artist in this country,” she said.
This debacle will test the mettle of newly appointed COSBOTS chief Tomeletso Sereetsi of Sereetsi and The Natives. Sereetsi obviously didn’t cause the troubles at COSBOTS but now has to face the hungry, angry, broke men and women of Botswana entertainment whose faith has been tested by the royalties collecting body over the years. Thaa Kokome! Over to you Native.