ATI, Motlha collaborate

  • Perform their new song at Maun Rocks Festival
  • ‘Both artists have always wanted to work together’


Rapper Atlasaone ‘ATI’ Molemogi told revelers at the Maun Rocks Music Festival this past weekend that he has collaborated with Motlha Mompe on a song dubbed Hisa.
After performing his hit Poelo Morago ATI called Motlha of Mma Motse fame to the stage to give fans a taste of their new song, much to their delight. Criticized for always only performing his hit Mma Motse, Motlha proved that he had more to offer as he also sampled songs from his upcoming album.
“Have you heard Motlha’s vocals? I hear his voice in my dreams and I have always wanted to make music with him. And here we are,” ATI said.
The new song, Hisa carries a different sound from Motlha’s Afro style but has ATI’s typical urban dance beat and pop. Speaking to Motlha’s manager, Suffocate, about the collaboration, he said the song was still a work in progress but both artists decided to perform the song to their fans as they were both in the lineup.
“Both artists have always wanted to work together and that is how Hisa came about and it was amazing to see the crowd’s response even though it is still a work in progress,” he said.
Suffocate went on to say at the moment they are not sure if the song will be part of Motlha’s album or ATI’s. “We are still going to go back and formalize on the ownership of the song as well as debut studio sessions of both artists singing the song,” he told Time Out ,adding that they would also not want to derail from Motlha’s Afro style as “that is how many artists lose their credibility.”
Motlha will release the Mma Motse music video this week and it will premiere on Btv’s Flava Dome on Friday.