Audience transfixed at Masa Fashion Show

Even Hayden was bowled over by his own achievements of combining the cosmopolitan aspects of Gabs with his hotel’s CSR duty of helping aspirants make that essential breakthrough in the fashion world. The corner of Western Commercial Road and 1st Commercial Road at Gaborone CBD had come alive after nightfall with a sartorial razzmatazz never before seen in Botswana’s capital last Saturday.


The much-anticipated Masa Fashion Show came to a climax last Saturday to great acclaim, casting a “Spotlight on Botswana” in accordance with the hype that preceded the sartorial extravaganza.
Gaborone CBD’s premier hotel teamed up once again with the inimitable Jan Malan of Umzingeli Productions who brought on board Ngwao Brand Architects, Woolworths, MAC Cosmetics, Audi, White Labels, Liberty Life, Timba Trading, Maru TV, The Voice newspaper, Botswana Tourism, and Sky Vodka to crank up the heat for Botswana’s biggest fashion expose.

The show saw 15 seasoned designers showcase their couture garments to what is now the capital’s elite fashion parade that embraces novices eager for a breakthrough in Botswana’s growing haut monde. The audience was mesmerised by the ensemble of designers, models and make-up artists whose collective aim was to do just that – hold the audience captive. Award winning KTM Choir was on hand to stake a claim in the highlights with its soul serenading a capella melodies.

General Manager Hayden Bowl was himself much enthused. “As Masa Square Hotel, we have always believed in family and team play,” Bowl said, “Collaboration with others has made this project possible – and indeed beyond just tonight but encompassing the entire fashion show campaign and developmental aspects. We have collaborated with fresh and relevant parties who are at the cutting edge of their industries. Our annual fashion show has evidently grown into the hearts of fashion, corporates and even tourism professionals and enthusiasts over the years. We therefore have a responsibility to make sure we set the bar higher each year.”

And set the bar higher each year the hotel does. This year’s Masa Fashion Show took advantage of the location of Masa Square Hotel to make it an alfresco affair at the corner of Western Commercial Road and 1st Commercial Road at the CBD. As the official producer of Masa Fashion Show 2019, Jan Malan of Umzingeli Productions had ‘conspired’ with Ngwao Brand Architects to achieve this.

asa Square Hotel also hosted a first time ever a Pop Up Market on the Sunday following the fashion show to afford designers an to showcase their garments before professional buyers and customers. And Hayden, as if thunderstruck and bowled over by his own achievements, intoned: “In the bigger scope of things, the Masa Fashion Show is our way of shining the spotlight on the captains of various industries and talented upcoming artists in order to promote our unique Botswana heritage that is a vibrant blend of African metropolitanism. More importantly, we intend to show off the unique Botswana experience for our people and the world to enjoy.”