Beware of what you post on social media, warns Ntsie

Social Media issue is a great concern because it has tarnished the name of the entertainment industry.


Botswana Musicians Union (BOMU) Secretary General, Pagson Ntsie has implored local artists to be careful what they post on social media platforms as it can affect their brands and their ability to attract business.
Discussing the question of how social media can impact the imagine of artists with Time Out last week, Ntsie said that while social media is a great platform, it could make or break artists, especially since fans, top government officials and CEOs follow their posts.
“Who on earth would like to be associated with a person who writes obscene language or does not represent his or her brand in an attractive manner?” he asked. Ntsie says there have been many instances where artists have misrepresented themselves on social media and consequently missed out on business opportunities that could have improved their brand.
On artists discussing BOMU related issues on social media, Ntsie advised artists to lodge issues in correct platforms: “I remember one day Gaarekwe Gaarekwe from Brand Botswana who also engages our artists at the organization giving a warning in Moxx Gaolape’s wall (for artists)to discuss their concerns at the BOMU platform. Now do you think he will trust our artists?” he asked. Ntsie implored artists to therefore consider hiring social media managers, especially youngsters from tertiary institutions as they tend to be committed.
Asked about progress on the formation of the Arts Council which artists recently mulled and agreed to form, Ntsie said the task force would soon submit the position report to the Minister of Youth, Sports and Culture, Thapelo Olopeng.