Bondphill ends 2019 in style

His collection was lauded by GQ Magazine as one of the top designs that stood out at the fashion week in Maputo


The year 2019 will go down in history for the Bondphill fashion brand that recently showcased its latest Autumn/Winter 2020 trends at the just-ended Vodacom Mozambique Fashion Week (MFW) 2019. Bondphill Safari 2020 Collection effectively shut the runway with their animal print inspired apparel that has a touch of the military, much to the delight of South Africa’s GQ Magazine that included the collection among the five outstanding menswear designs spotted in Maputo during the fashion week in the Mozambican capital.

But what was more important for the brand from Botswana was the chance to promote their designs and craftsmanship for the international market at one of Africa’s grandest fashion gatherings. “Showcasing out of what I call my comfort comes with great opportunities. Fashion showcases are a channel of communication between fashion designers and customers. They expose the creative to bigger audiences beyond their home, as well as to new following and potential partnerships that all businesses need to thrive,” said Tlamo Mosinyi of Bondphill.

The Bondphill Safari 2020 is a resort collection that is themed around recreating the old traditional safari wear to modern-day edgy and unconventional high-end fashion. The collection is inspired by python and leopard prints with a bit of the military touch on the menswear. It is available on pre-order and comes in many other prints from which fashionistas can choose. Perhaps this is why Bondphill is currently shooting their campaign and look book that will detail what will be limited items, the classics and mass production for re-sellers.

“I’m grateful to the producer of the show Melanie Rossline, her remarkable team and the owners of MFW because they saw it fit for me to be among great creatives at their 15th anniversary,” Mosinyi enthused. “Being called to exhibit as a pan-African designer is a big honour which will leave my brand in the history books of good fashion.”

Established in 2016, Bondphill is an urban, edgy and unconventional fashion brand. Its founder is himself an unconventional creative who believes in making his own trends. He encourages creatives to cultivate, nurture and create authentic trends so as to stand out and be known for their originality. To upcoming designers, Mosinyi pointed out that his brand was not immune to challenges but noted that the hardships have led him to the most outstanding fashion destinations. The trick is to carry on, he said; being aware that a fashion brand is personal and that everything that happens in and around a designer’s life will surely have an impact on the brand. But most importantly, Mosinyi is prayerful and leaves the rest to his redeemer.

He concluded: “I would like to thank my sponsors, Timba Trading, for their high-end fabrics. For the longest time they have been helping grow and nurture our industry. They are family to most fashion houses in town. To the man who first introduced me to the creative world, Shike Olsen, I say I am today walking tall and proud because he took notice of me. I cannot thank enough my publicist, Gilmore Tee, who is responsible for my international press and showcasing. I would like to acknowledge my family, especially my mother, for always believing in my potential because nothing beats family support in the creative business.”