Bring back the hype for Miss Botswana!

  • Palesa leaves for Puerto Rico this Friday
  • Hype expected to go up this week as she prepares for departure


While Miss Botswana 2021 Palesa Molefe had already made her mark at the Miss World pageant, blowing supporters away with her wit before making the Top 12, the hype around the queen seems to have died down ahead of the finale. The beauty queen will jet off to Puerto Rico this Friday 11 March to compete for the coveted Miss World crown on the 16 March 2022 at José Miguel Agrelot Coliseum in San Juan, Puerto Rico.
“The hype that we had created died down over the past couple of weeks, but that was expected,” the national pageantry organiser and Unit Director, Kaone Moremong, told Time Out. “We are expecting the hype and support to go back up this week as she prepares for her departure and as the competition resumes. Note that even last time, the hype only started for real when she arrived at the competition in Puerto Rico.”
During her reign, prior and post the postponement of the Miss World finale, Molefe managed to garner support across the world; one only had to listen to her speak to understand why the masses were rallying behind her. While the beauty queen captivated them with her natural beauty, talent and eloquence, the hype and support also increased her chances of winning the crown.
“Although the hype is low now, the most part of the competition had already been done by the time the postponement of the finale day was announced. She had already accumulated most of the points she needed. As far as we know, we still stand a good chance of winning even in the time the competition has been in abeyance, we have managed to meet the organisation’s needs,” said Moremong.
So far, Molefe has managed to secure all the resources needed for the last leg of the competition. The organising team says her entire wardrobe is inspired by the Miss World regulations and expectations. Molefe’s Miss World wardrobe features designs by Dihdah, FADDIC, Botocy, Versatile Creations, House of Kay, Fede, Options, JJK, Urban Soul, House of Peace, JayRohi and Gazelle Pana.
“We have other local designers and stores who have provided a wardrobe that will be used for the rest of her reign as she is only going for four days to Puerto Rico,” Moremong said.