Can we adopt the concept of a cultural village in Gaborone?

  • Many destinations are now actively developing their cultural assets as a means of developing comparative advantages


Cultural tourism is one of the largest and fastest growing global tourism markets. Culture and the creative industries are increasingly being used to promote destinations and enhance their competitiveness and attractiveness.
Many destinations are now actively developing their cultural assets as a means of developing comparative advantages in an increasingly competitive tourism marketplace. With the recent trip undertaken by Time Out to Sun City, it was apparent that cultural attractions such as Segaetsho Cultural Village are a strong magnet for tourism and can be replicated right here in the city of Gaborone.
Even though the idea of a cultural village is welcome at any space around the city it would be fitting to have it at central and culture-oriented spaces such as Botswana Craft and Thapong Visual Arts Centre. Not only are the venues strategically located at the heart of the city, they already attract tourists and people from all walks of life. Though the idea of a cultural village is diverse looking at the fact that Botswana has many languages, cultures of Bangwato, Bangwaketse, Bakalaka, Basarwa, Bakwena Batawana, Babirwa, Baherero, Batlokwa and Bakgalagadi among others could be central in marketing the country’s heritage to tourists.
Segaetsho Cultural Village is ran by Sun City in partnership with Thuto Legwale (29). The partnership offers visitors an authentic African experience with traditional music, dance, crafts and indigenous games.  Sharing the space with Segaetsho, as Legwale has named it, is an activity area that is ran by Mankwe Gametrackers (Tourvest). North West Tourism has also jumped on board to stimulate tourism in the North West with Segaetsho as an activation point. As part of Sun City’s Enterprise Development Programme, Legwale will enjoy support and mentorship from the team at the resort.
At Segaetsho, one is taken on a guided tour around the cultural village where you are educated about the history of the people of North West province. After the guided tour the young performers, through songs and dance, give an insight into South Africa’s traditions and history.  For about an hour they perform Setswana, Zulu, Sofia Town and mine gumboots inspired dances.