Cassper Nyovest renews intentions to Fill Up National Stadium

  • Promises world class production
  • Feels Batswana appreciate his art more


South African recording artist and record producer, Cassper Nyovest has revealed that his next ‘Fill Up’ concert will be staged in Botswana. The Monate Mpolaye rapper made the revelation  during an interview with  South Africa media recently. Nyovest, whose real name is Refiloe Phoolo introduced the ‘Fill Up’ concept in 2015 when he filled up Johannesburg’s Coca Cola Dome. He later went on to successfully fill up the Orlando Stadium, FNB Stadium and most recently the Moses Mabida Stadium in Durban.

“It’s been very tough, I just wish I could take another break and chill out and be another regular artist. But well, since am no regular artist, I am not going to stop, not for now. I will be doing another stadium soon. I just need to figure out and decide which one,” he told Slikour Online.

He complained about the lack of support and appreciation from his fellow South Africans and says it is one of the reasons he feels the need to move the concert outside his country’s boarders.

“I am leaning towards leaving the country, and doing it somewhere else. South Africa doesn’t appreciate.  For them its just a bash, they don’t see the concept and where we trying to move this thing. So, maybe they will appreciate it when they see it on social media happening in Botswana. I think maybe I should move it Botswana, do the National Stadium there, because I know they will appreciate it very much. It’s going to be a production that they have never seen, so I am leaning more towards doing the Botswana National Stadium in 2019,” he revealed. 

“I know my people in Botswana will be very excited to hear this. I have been saying it for a while, and that’s my plan for now. I feel maybe after the Botswana concert I will chill out and relax and do it after three years. Fill Up has changed for me. It is not about filling the venue. It’s just something I now know that once a year I have a big concert and I get to present art. It’s not about the numbers anymore. It’s a presentation that I need people to come and see,” the Mafikeng born artist further said.

However he pointed out that an official position on the Botswana concert will be taken once a number of issues have been addressed, including sponsorship. “The next step is to decide if whether to go to Botswana without a sponsor or do I wait until everything is sorted out. Because in all honesty, before I move onto a Botswana event I need to know if everything is sorted and after that I  will make an official announcement,” he concluded.

 Nyovest told the SABC following his last Fill Up in Durban that they were left with  a R7 million bill that they needed to foot after the show. He explained that this was a result of Durban sponsors suddenly pulling out their sponsorship just days before the concert.