Charles to conquer Okavango Delta again!

•     This time he travels with Stika Sola and Hip Hop star HT Tautona
•     Will be guided across ancient routes by  polers from Seronga and Jao flats
•     Expedition aimed at celebrating and exposing delta to Batswana


Writer, traveler and photographer Thalehang Charles will embark on an expedition to go across the Okavango Delta in a dug out canoe for the second time.
Charles’ journey will start on 23rd July in Seronga and end in Maun on August 8th . He says his party will consist of various local artists who he wants to draw creative inspiration from the experience, and will be guided by a team of expert polers from Seronga and Jao Flats who will lead them through the ancients roots that their own grandfathers used to take across the delta.
“I will be traveling with musician Stika Sola who is a legendary guitarist from Maun where he is also based, musician Kealeboga Mabua, also known as HT or Tautona who is a hip-hop artist from Maun but is based in Gaborone, renowned poet and singer Lesego Nchunga known as Leshie Lovesong, based in Gaborone. She is originally from the Chobe area,” he revealed.
Painter and part time art teacher Abel Makondo, who is also from Maun, will join the expedition in what will be his maiden trip to the Okavango delta. Photographer Pako Lesejana who was part of team last year, will make the expedition again this year. The project, according to Charles, is intended to promote tourism in the delta as well as art, all this being efforts geared to celebrating Botswana’s gold jubilee.
Meanwhile, the art work from the expedition will be presented at the Okavango Delta Art Exhibition event organized by the Botswana Tourism in September. “The team will also partner with The Conservation Music Project, which is a brainchild of Alex Paullin from US who has been following traditional music from around the delta to promote conservation. Paullin will work with musicians to produce music inspired by the delta,” Charles said.
Asked why he decided to take more people with him in his second expedition, Charles said it was his little contribution towards teach people about the Okavango Delta which most Batswana are oblivious to.  “With this trip I hope to inspire artists to describe this amazing place or describe themselves with this place. I believe after 50 years of independence, it is about time we tell our own stories about our places. The Okavango Delta has inspired many foreign artists, photographers, and this expedition aims to use the Okavango Delta to inspire Botswana talent while spreading the conservation message and celebrating Botswana,” he said.