Chillstep Sunday sessions find a new home

“Step’rs will follow the movement wherever it goes because they are guaranteed of quality sessions”-Organisers


The Game City Urban View Rooftop will be alive with arts and culture as it plays host to Botswana’s youth movement, Chillstep Sundays taking place every last Sunday of the month. In the past, the event has attracted an array of artistic souls from all corners of the country and after going on a full rebrand break, attendees will get to see numerous changes among them exhibitions, more live presentations, more networking opportunities, live broadcasts of the show and red carpet moments at the new spot.

“Our decision to move was because we wanted a different venue, an even more exciting place with a fresh feel. Game City has always been on our mind and they were happy to work with us. The venue honestly speaks to us more, it carries an amazing vibe that compliments our artworks for exhibitions. All the three spaces we will utilize through out the year speak volumes to us and it make our set-ups pop,” said the founder of Chillstep Sunday, Drew Chadhall.

Chadhall was confident that their patrons, commonly known as step’rs will follow the movement wherever it goes because they are guaranteed quality sessions. He added that so far, they love the spot and have expressed excitement about the venue. He adds that other favourable aspects of the new spot include better safety and easier access.

“We also have a lot of foreign visitors and tourists that visit Chillstep Sundays, This is a chance for them to explore the mall and the shops. Our movement also works with tenants at every place we go to and this will give them opportunity to market their products to a fresh and excited market,” he said.

Since its inception three years ago the movement has contributed to entrepreneurial growth and still firmly speaks for the arts in Botswana. It has maintained an incredible nurture of young talent as many celebrated artists in visual artistry, fashion, photography and performance have been celebrated. Every Chillstep Sundays discovered and promoted a new artist or company. Artists such as Rexx Mautle and La Fruity are included in the event’s alumni.

Although the event has made strides, Chadhall revealed that it has its own struggles as they have been operating for many years with little to no profit. He says the event is very expensive to set up because they can’t compromise quality. Chillstep Sundays also helps many young start ups set up and that also requires either material or capital.

“Sponsors see how great the movement has done for arts and is doing for the youth, but unfortunately they are not willing to spend. We can never let a good thing die regardless of the harsh conditions and lack of funds, the youth need it, especially when it comes to their talent. I however wish to express the greatest gratitude to our partners that have helped us consistently including Jelly Beam Mobiles, Native Events, Urban Soul Stores, The Rebel Cook and ClearWorx Sounds and to Game City for this chance,” he concluded.