Chombo On A Winning Streak At Miss World 

  • ‘Lesego la Batswana’ is hard at work to bring Miss World crown home
  • Obtains Top 5 spot in Head-to-Head Challenge and secures Top 40 spot


Lesego Chombo is hoisting the country’s flag high at the Miss World competition that is currently underway in India.

Since her arrival at the 71st Miss World, Miss Botswana has been on a winning streak and has been highlighted as a potential Miss World winner by popular pageantry analysts, Missosology.

With her exceptional beauty, passion and wit, Lesego has been working hard towards ensuring that her ambition of bringing the crown home comes true. She emerged victorious in the Miss World Head-to-Head challenge, automatically earning her a coveted top 40 spot in the competition.

Eloquently and superbly

She left a lasting impression that matters when she eloquently presented her Beauty with a Purpose project styled “The Genesis,” which aligns with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Tasked with presenting on the G20 topic, “Sustainable Development Goals,” the Botswana leading beauty queen acquitted herself superbly and impressed the judges who awarded her a Top 5 spot of the Head-to-Head Challenge.

“Becoming one of the Miss World Head-to-Head Top 5 winners and securing my place in the 71st Miss World Top 40 Finalists is a surreal moment for me, a dream transformed into reality through sheer determination and unwavering belief,” Lesego posted.

Impressive local designs 

In the last episode of Miss Botswana, there had been issues of queens wearing underwhelming outfits that do not suit the occasion. Reigning queen Lesego Chombo declared herself happy with all her locally made designs in a previous interview.

She has indeed been making quite the impression in her unique local outfits that have been given the nod by supporters and fashion critiques.

For the welcome ceremony at the Miss World competition, Chombo showed her true patriotism when she her national costume made of leather accessorised with letlhaka and matlhoa.

Stunning outfits 

Local fashion designers such as Nura Bloom, Tru’D and Seloba Creations have also ensured that the queen is dressed for the occasion in stunning outfits that make a statement.

The Queen: “We had our Beauty with a Purpose project presentation and I was wearing an art piece made by my Genesis project children. Each day I spend here is in pursuit of a better life for them and I feel honoured to have carried them with me.

“Six years ago, when Nura Bloom started learning how to sew, we agreed that she would dress me for Miss World. Here we are living out our answered prayers and living them out well.”

Nationwide support

Affectionately called “Lesego la Batswana,” Chombo has garnered massive support from Batswana nationwide who have ensured that the queen’s posts are seen and trend online.

Even so, history repeated itself when supporters bullied and trolled other Miss World participants. This prompted the Miss Botswana Organisation to issue a press statement appealing to Batswana to refrain from making hurtful comments about other contestants.

“Such behaviour will cost us international support and may not benefit the crowning of our queen, Miss World Botswana Lesego Chombo, on the international stage,” said the organisation. “Let us uphold peace and harmony as we continue to rally behind our queen.”

The grand finale of the 71st Miss World competition is slated for 9 March where a new queen will be crowned. Botswana Television this week announced its exclusive live broadcast of the Miss World finale on March 9, 2024 at 1600 hours local time.