Cinema ticket prices hiked

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  • ’Increased movie and operational costs forced us to increase prices’
  • Movie buffs not pleased and threaten to prioritize pirated movies


Movie fanatics will have to fork out more money to watch movies in cinemas as home grown cinema, New Capitol Cinemas, end of last week hiked the cost of movie tickets. New Capitol Cinemas announced that they have increased their prices with 2D movies now selling at P60 and 3D movies selling at P90 effective from 20th April 2018, a move that was not well received by movie buffs.
In an interview with Time Out Chengetane Batlegang of New Capitol Cinemas said they have not increased ticket prices since 2014 and with the increase in movie and operational costs they had to increase prices. “Movie distributers and producers that supply our cinema have indicated that the cost of movie production has increased. Mind you, their US dollar currency is stronger than the Pula and we would not be able to survive as a business if we kept the old prices. Moreover, rent and electricity prices have also gone up. Despite all these factors we still have movie specials during the week which we are charged 3rd party fee because we are not supposed to have them,” he explained, adding that compared to other countries movie prices in Botswana are low.
Batlegang went on to highlight that Botswana always premieres movies three weeks later than other countries because then the prices are low but they are currently working around the clock to make sure that movies premiere the same time in Botswana as the rest of the world.
Moreover, with the upcoming premiere of the highly anticipated blockbuster, Avengers Infinity War, New Capitol Cinemas has been accused of planning to maximize profits by movie fanatics, with some threatening to settle for pirated movies. With the movie culture rapidly increasing in Botswana many have indicated that the new prices will dent their pockets more considering that they also have to budget for snacks which are also overpriced. “It is a luxury to go to the movies these days. Black Panther broke box office records and I guess that is where they have seen that more money could be made with upcoming blockbusters. The prices are expensive and I guess we will have to settle for other options,” one movie fan opined.
However, Batlegang dismissed the accusation of profiteering saying, “We have had many big movies including Black Panther play at the cinema and we did not increase the prices. So, the fact that there is another blockbuster coming is not the reason we have increased our prices.”