Cresta Responds to Pusha BW Initiative

  • Hotel Group launches Expression of Interest for “Bona Botswana Jwa Rona” in search of locally sourced products


In their bid to support locally-sourced products, Cresta last week launched an Expression of Interest for registration of a local suppliers’ database for the Group’s local beneficiation campaign styled “Bona Botswana Jwa Rona.”

The platform seeks to make a social and economic impact on local communities and change the lives of Batswana for the better.

“We are giving our people the opportunity to sit on the shoulders of a giant as we believe we have that market access,” said Head of Communications and Marketing at Cresta, Lorato Tebogo, at the launch.


According to the MD of Cresta, Mokwena Morulane the initiative is a deliberate effort to reciprocate the support that they have enjoyed from people during the COVID-19 era.

“Batswana have been with us and this initiative is made for them, particularly SMMEs as the drivers of the economy,” he said. “We want this initiative to benefit communities around the country wherever you find a Cresta hotel.”

Riparian nexus

The expression of interest is looking for local suppliers who make products that can be used as gifts or promotional materials to be sold at Cresta Mowana store at the resort town of Kasane that sits a stone’s throw from the riparian nexus of four countries at Kazungula where Botswana meets Namibia, Zambia and Zimbabwe in the Chobe River.

Cresta is looking for products in pottery, crockery, clothing, cultural garments, crafts, woven articles, beaded artifacts, leather goods, wooden artifacts, jams, alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks and packaged dried foods.


“Those who wish to submit for companies should provide a price list, a trading licence, a company profile, tax clearance certificates, certificate of incorporation, letter from a relevant bank and a catalogue of the company’s products,” Cresta Group Procurement Manager, Ndiye Omphile, explained.

“For individuals we request a price list, a certified copy of your identification card, a letter from your bank confirming your banking details, and a catalogue showing your products. The deadline for submissions is 28th May.”

Phusha BW

Brand Botswana is delighted that Cresta has devised such an initiative. A spokesperson of the organisation, Ponalo Tumelo, says it fits perfectly in Phusha BW’s express purpose of unearthing and promoting locally produced goods and services.

Tumelo described “Bona Botswana Jwa Rona” as a conscious decision of Cresta to prioritise buying and supporting local that will have a direct impact on the economy through job creation and improvement in local products.

“If you choose local producers, you are providing an opportunity for our producers to scale up and grow,” she said. “But as I commend Cresta, I also want producers of the goods sought to understand that there is accountability on their part to ensure they produce quality products.”