Davido cleared in friend’s death, tour to go on

He’s back on tour and is coming to Botswana – KBL


Nigerian pop star Davido will perform at the St Louis Fresh Fest festival in Gaborone on 28th October after he was cleared of wrongdoing following the death of his friend, Tagbo Umeike who died after passing out during a Tequila shot competition at his birthday party in Nigeria.
Doubts emerged whether he would make the gig in Botswana and other countries in his worldwide tour following police investigations in which it was speculated he would be held responsible for the death of Umeike.
Umeiki’s girlfriend Caroline Danjuma who is a Nollywood actor told Nigerian media that he drank 50 shots of tequila in a bet in which the winner was expected to win about P5,800. “Someone who rented my bar told me he was with Davido at Shisha Bar on Monday and then I asked him randomly, “Oh then, you must know Tagbo”. The guy confirmed that he met Tagbo and that was when he knew they were birthday mates and he also said they had fun and went from there to DNA to party on Lagos Island. I contacted another person who (allegedly) remembered seeing Davido and Tagbo. According to what the person said, Tagbo drank the tequila and got intoxicated,” she said.
Davido’s lawyer Bobo Ajudua however told Nigerian media that the “Fall” hitmaker is now free to go about his normal business. “We’ve been to Panti and my client has given a statement there too. It’s clear from all the investigation, evidence and statements given so far that Davido was not at any point with the deceased after he left him alive at Shisha room and as such he’s been released to go about his business. Of course, if called on to give any more information he gladly would. But in truth he only knew so much about the night and has reproduced this time and time again. They’ve also observed the consistency between his statements and those of all the others interviewed, as a result he’s been allowed to go,” he said.
Confirming Davido’s scheduled performance to Time Out, Kgalagadi Breweries Limited (KBL)’s Marketing Manager for Mainstream Brands Mpho Motlhabane said “On his social media platforms he has confirmed that he is back on tour, performing in Sierra Leone and his next stop will be here. Therefore, I can confidently confirm that he is coming,” she said.
Meanwhile, for his part, Davido says he has forgiven anyone who accused him of being involved in Umeiki’s death. “Thank you, Jesus. Persons that said false things about me or accused me of what I don’t know, I sincerely forgive you and God bless you. We move on, let’s all be better. Thank you, Lord. Thank you to everyone that prayed for me and to those who didn’t, maybe you forgot. We thank God all in all, now let’s get back to the music,” he wrote on his social media pages.