Wilson Ngoni to sample his Music Talent at Special Exhibition

  • Fine artist to unveil his recorded music
  • Ngoni currently working on new works


Followers of iconic fine artist Wilson Ngoni will get to sample an example of his diversity when they hear some of his recorded music at his upcoming event, Brush Night with Wilson Ngoni, that is slated for 13 August 2022 in Gaborone at a venue that has yet to be disclosed.
The event will feature a visual art exhibition, a music exhibition and a live interview with the Son of the Brush, as Ngoni is affectionately called. “Ngoni has already recorded some songs but we cannot confirm the release of an album,” event organiser, Keoagile Bonang of Ground Work told Time Out.
“Ngoni is an all rounded artist who has more hidden talents that include being a writer, a songwriter and a singer. We may describe him as an underground music artist with good writing skills because he has two books under his belt and he is working on a third. The two books are ‘Doors to My Eyes, My Journey through the Corridors of Art,’ which Ngoni self-published in 2014, and ‘Living with the Brush,’ which he self-published in 2021.”
His art studio is currently a beehive of activity as he paints new artworks in preparation for his Brush Night with Ngoni. The event will feature supporting music artists such as Brando, Cru, Que Rap, NaniB, DJ Armstrong, PeeMaster, and a band called Kingdom Band. Guests will also be treated to a variety of wines served with meals and have a signed copy of Ngoni’s book, Living with the Brush. Brando of YaronaFm, Loretta Mekgwe of Art Lab and Lisa Maggs of Posh & Lisa Designs will be the hosts for the night.
Said Bonang: “The date for this event was proposed as a way of celebrating Ngoni’s birthday, which falls on 14th August. We came up with the concept because art is about connecting with people’s emotions. It’s personal and at the same time universal. Ngoni describes art as a visual language. It is the recording of time that artists use to sensitise the public about what they see.”
“Our country has iconic visual artists who deserve to be celebrated for the years they have been a part of the art world. Many have made an impact on the community through their art and at the same time making an effort to convince people to appreciate and understand the importance of art and the creative industry in general.”