“Every Great Mom fills her cup first!”- Gail Mabalane

In celebration of Mother’s Day, Gaborone moms shared tidbits on a host of topics including finding balance as mothers, raising children with disabilities and investing for a child’s future


Although it is natural for mothers to put their offspring’s needs ahead of their own, celebrated South African actress Gail Mabalane says more often than not, mothers tend to overact this instinct.

Addressing women and mothers at the first Mother’s Day celebration brunch this past weekend, the businesswoman, wife and mother said while she has the ability to be all these, like most women juggling the roles, eventually it becomes unsustainable.

“It is also important to find your tribe because motherhood can be very lonely,” she said.
“Becoming a mother without my own mother was one of the hardest things because she has passed on. As modern moms, the moment you move to the suburbs you are on your own. There is a lot of pressure, but it is always good to have a support system.”

Organised by Boitumelo Keoagile, Director and Founder of Exquisitely Boity Events, the Mother’s Day Brunch was an opportunity for women to relax and to learn from each other’s journeys and experiences.

“While it is wonderful to make selfless gestures, as a mom caring for oneself is a behaviour you have to train yourself because self-care means the people in your life receive the best of you, rather than what is left of you,” Mabalane added.

The event also helped to promote a safe space to have honest conversations as Cheshe Dow, CEO of The Dow Academy shared her experiences of being raised in a multi-cultural family. Pediatrician Dr Tuelo Mudongo also shared advice on how to prepare for premature babies. Mudongo gave birth to premature twins who spent three months in hospital. She recounted her struggle to achieve balance as her world crumbled and her family’s finances spiraled because of the compounding medical expenses.

Educator and social media influencer Marang Selolwane shared useful tidbits on how to invest for a child’s future. “A baby is a running expense and if you are privileged enough, save, plan and create a budget for all the things they will need. What I have learned from my own journey was to use the medical aid and investment services that are invaluable when dealing with the expenses that come with having a child. Most importantly, interrogate your money habits because they can affect the way you raise your child,” said Selolwane.