Farewell Dan Tshanda


Upon crossing over into the New Year Splash music lovers received shockingly sad news that disco music icon and godfather to Splash  Dan Tshanda had passed away due to  heart failure.

His death resonated with  hearts across the continent, especially in the townships where his music was very popular. Local musicians, promoters and scribes talk about the different memories they shared with the late King of Splash.

“I never expected Dan to go like this. He was a creative genius who he created a music genre that was loved locally, regionally and internationally. He was a pioneer and a leader in the industry,” said veteran journalist Chippa Legodimo who was close friends with Tshanda.

Legodimo recalls meeting Tshanda for the first time in 1999 and they later became close friends.

“I knew his family and he knew mine too, sometimes I would join him on tour. If there is one thing that he taught me was that I should respect my wife and family, stressing that I should put them first before anything else,” said a grieving Legodimo.

After the announcement of Tshanda’s death Vee Mampeezy shared a message on his social media accounts reminiscing of the time he shared with the legend.

“I had an opportunity to learn and work with the legend Dan Tshanda. I must say he was a father more than a workmate, may he rest in internal power and peace. Botswana will never forget, (sic)” wrote Vee Mampeezy on his social media accounts.

Seasoned music promoter Gilbert Seagile is one of the people that worked with Splash guru during his Botswana performances and with time they had a social relationship.

A few days prior his death Tshanda posted a heart-warming message on Facebook to his fans which was also his last post on Facebook.

“I want to let you know that I love you very much. Next year, you are going to see some changes from Splash and Dalom Music because it will be a new year and then we want to do the best, we want to give you the best, (sic),” wrote Tshanda on Facebook.