Fashion collection looks into the sexual liberation of the female


According to fashion designer Robert Mothapo of design house Saint Lazarus , his latest collection titled, “Book003” is in tune with the modern day woman by encouraging her to take a stand and make a statement. “Book003” debuted at this year’s Masa Square Hotel Fashion show and captivated the audience through its bold and liberating celebration of the female form.

“The collection, is a precursor to my Book002 Collection and Journal: Sliverskin. The titles come from the brand trying to tell a story through each collection. Book0003 has 5 pieces currently and is likely to increase to 10 to conclude the story,” said Mothapo. With his striking and unique collection, which is the perfect combination of comfort, power and accessibility Book003 continues his run of quirky outfits aimed at a diverse clientele including creatives and trendy models. The centerpiece of the collection was his see through luggage bag that read, “This bag is naked, do you also want to rape it” in solidarity against women abuse.

“The statement bag was Saint Lazarus showing solidarity against women abuse and this disgusting rape culture. The overwhelming statistics show there is a rape scourge that needs to be dealt with. It’s important also to mention that I worked with local crocheters Bantu Kini and Lentletse Moeing who played a huge role in turning my ideas into wool patterns,” he said.

Mothapo’s career started as pencil sketcher and evolved to fashion illustrator and all round designer. He has worked with local brands including Glotto, Evol wears, Rorisang Lu, Lavendro Clothing just to name a few. In the future he plans to work on a shoe subsidiary called creatures which will mainly house Saint Lazarus’ shoe collection. His biggest plans for next year will be dropping a Gala and Couture collection.

“I have also been mentored by Tlamo Mosinyi of Bondphill, from his assistance when I won the Masa challenge right up to the fashion show. I got a lot feedback from him professionally and design wise. A lot of times I wanted to burn the collection and start again. He assured me to make alterations and adjustments were possible,” he concluded.