“Game changing” online radio station coming?

The station is reportedly to be named Ice100


A cagey Bonni Dintwa (former Yarona FM Programs Manager) has declined to confirm or deny growing social media rumours that the online radio station that is said to be in the works is his or is the product of a partnership he is part of.
“I am not confirming or denying that there will be such a platform. But imagine how exciting it would be if it existed,” he said teasingly.
Pressed further to comment on his involvement in the rumoured online radio establishment Dintwa said, “I will keep repeating that I am not confirming nor denying anything. But I remember giving a speech at MISA about the future of media and I said it (the future) was in collaboration and innovation. So, for me the biggest thing would be to be a part of the future. I would like to get involved in stuff that has never been done before. I like new challenges and I would be happy 10 years from now to say I was the first person to do something.”
Dintwa, however, said it had taken too long for radio stations to be increased in Botswana, saying community radio stations in which different local languages are used should have been long licensed and operational. “Why has it taken so long for more radios to exist?” he asked.
Touching on the issue of internet services in Botswana and how online platforms could be catered for if they existed, Dintwa said “The reality is internet prices are going down, smartphones are getting cheaper and Botswana is committed to take internet to the most remote areas,” adding that mobile networks were also offering internet packages at an affordable flat rate and the smart move would be to add the online product on these existing packages.
For all his attempts to conceal his link to the rumoured online radio station, Dintwa is belied by his body language and palpable excitement which to any discerning individual goes a long way in suggesting that he is cooking something. In fact, some sources who spoke to Time Out say Dintwa’s online radio station will be called ICE100 and is expected to attract a balance of new talent and old media personalities. The radio station is expected to cover issues of innovation, lifestyle, investments among others from Botswana to the world.
The product is expected to be “high end” and will be sponsored by Batswana partners invested in making it one of Botswana biggest success stories in recent times.