Glotto Takes to Honour Invite to New York Fashion Week

  • Founder Basiami delighted after invite to “The Big Apple” passed due diligence test
  • Glotto to use the opportunity for benchmarking because it is due to launch in local retail stores


In a historic turn of events, home grown fashion brand Glotto will take to the runway at New York Fashion Week on 10 September at the Sony Hall in the city nicknamed the “Big Apple.”

As the premier fashion event of the year and on the world’s most eminent, New York Fashion Week brings together leading fashion designers, entertainers, and producers under one roof to create a truly immersive and transformative experience.

“What a way to celebrate our 5th year of establishment in style,” Founder and Creative Director of Glotto, Mboko Basiami, said in an interview.

Legit opportunity 

A month ago, Basiami received an email from organisers of the international fashion extravaganza inviting her brand to join in. At first she was skeptical but after making a thorough background check, she concluded that the invitation was legit.

Glotto has been invited to New York because it has succeeded in catering for the young generation’s need for individual expression. “It is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for me,” she told Time Out.

“It has honestly been a slow year in terms of consumer spending, but I have always believed in my brand. This is my chance to test if indeed Glotto is a global brand as I believe it is.

“Weaponise Incompetence”

“Nothing is for free because I am requested to pay $7000 that will cover the looks, the professional models and the red carpet. We would appreciate any support to give the public the best access on Glotto taking it from Gaborone to New York City.”

Glotto intends to showcase seven looks from their latest collection styled “Weaponise Incompetence.” The collection pays homage to the seven years of existence of the Glotto brand so far during which it has maintains its classic aesthetic of deep earth tones and love for texture.

Over the years, Glotto collections have successfully harnessed the essence of Botswana’s culture from a youthful and creative sense.


Basiami, who is passionate about heritage and the habitual and borderline ritualistic underpinnings of Botswana’s culture, explained: “‘Weaponise Incompetence’ will explore the concept of how our ancestors were hunters and gatherers looking for ways to survive.

“In the modern day, we are still hunting and gathering to live as global citizens. So the collection will speak to the energy of being ready to build as African youth. However, the textures will be a contradiction of what a hunter is expected to wear when out hunting.”

Due in retail stores

The fashion creative will have an opportunity to rub shoulders with industry professionals, fashion designers, models and more while experiencing the latest trends in fashion at the New York Fashion Week.

“This will present our brand with an opportunity for benchmarking for quality control because we are about to sell our clothes in local retail stores,” she disclosed.

“We will also establish future market reach for the Glotto brand, network and potentially collaborate with trend watchers, buyers and international retails such as H&M and Zara.”