Good Radio Awards return

  • The awards introduce exciting new categories
  • There is something for the fans too


After a three-year hiatus, organizers of the Good Radio Awards have announced the return of the project that was created to celebrate and reward outstanding radio broadcasting talent in Botswana.

Slated for later this year in October, the first-of-a-kind awards pioneered by former radio star Jazzelle Kebakile have this year shifted the goalposts to present a revamped ceremony that will crown the crème de la crème of the local airwaves.

“In the first event, we had our successes and underwent challenges as a first-time project coordinator that hindered staging the next awards,” Kebakile said in an interview. “It took three years for us to recover and we are now strong enough to stage this year’s awards.

The fact that we made history with this event and awarded all winners with prize monies counts for a proud moment when I reflect back to 2017.”

Unlike in the first event where everyone in the radio industry was eligible to win an award, this time the Good Radio Awards are calling on radio personalities to submit their works for assessment by a panel of judges. “The problem with automatic nomination was that we would have 10 nominees in one category and only two in another,” Kebakile noted.

“This time we want to balance the numbers.”

The awards have also introduced new categories to cater for the ever growing but silent warriors who work behind the scenes in the radio space.

As a major component of the creative industry, radio continues to unearth, develop and elevate a variety of personalities, hence the introduction of the Best New Talent, Best Producer, the Most Stylish Talent on Radio, the Most Philanthropic Talent and the Biggest Fan of Radio.

“When it comes to Most Stylish Talent, we are not just looking at the voice but how well they manage to package themselves as a brand beyond the airwaves,” Kebakile explained.

“After listening, most people want to visit the presenters’ social media platforms, which should be an extension of their brands. We would also be recognising those who continue to change people’s lives with their philanthropic work. For the first time we will be giving a special award to the Biggest Fan of Radio.”

Thus far, the awards have secured a media sponsorship from The Voice newspaper and are looking for more sponsors to come onboard. Kebakile says the aim is to host the awards ceremony outside Gaborone and continue with cash prizes for the winners. “I am also in advanced talks with a female film producer about putting together a documentary for the awards,” she revealed.

The awards are an opportunity for the general public, the corporate world, the government and the media to applaud, reward and celebrate outstanding performers in the country’s radio broadcasting sector.