Han C goes Han Solo!

Says he is ready to break new ground without managemen


Undoubtedly one of the best vocalist from Botswana, Hanceford Magapatona well known as Han C shocked fans and the industry with the recent announcement of his split from long time manager Sydney ‘DJ Boogie Sid’ Nzala.

Parting ways
“Me and my ex manager Sydney ‘DJ Boogie Sid’ Nzala parted ways because we decided that I was now ready to take on the world by myself as an artist,” Han C told Time Out in an interview. “My ex manager is also my uncle and his role was to usher me into the music industry and put me at a certain point. He is also a DJ and he had put his career on hold to help me out and we had an agreement on when we were going to go our separate ways.”

Creative freedom
“As an artist I never put myself in a box and restrict my abilities. All I want is a nice successful song it doesn’t matter the genre. Usually when I release singles I drop songs with slow tempos and as we draw closer to summer I release up-tempo songs. Last year I dropped a slow song, ‘Padipadi’ that was followed by an upbeat song ‘Itsatsaula’.”

New management
“For now, I don’t want to jump into any management but I do have people in place who help me out when I reach out including my ex manager,” he concluded.