I am not joining Duma FM morning show – Sadi Dikgaka

  • “I was even shocked by the news”
  • “Yes, I am leaving the morning show to do my own business”- Goaba Mojakgomo
  • “We will announce the new host on Duma FM media platforms”-Don Seberane


TV personality, Sadi Dikgaka has refuted reports that she will be the new host of the Duma FM breakfast following the departure of Goaba Mojakgomo who is leaving the station to go into business.
Mojakgomo’s departure was announced on Duma FM website and social media pages stating that he would resign last Friday.
“The allegations are simply not true. I have never thrown out any hints that will trace me back to hosting a radio show. I was even shocked by the news myself,” Dikgaka told Time Out but saying despite the claim being untrue she would take the offer if the deal is good.
“It really takes a lot for one to occupy that post more especially that it is in one of the most reputable organizations. The last time I was at Duma FM offices was a long time back and I don’t understand why the person who formed the news would link me to the post when there are many people who could be given preference over me. I also do not know who will be taking up that post after Goaba leaves,” Dikgaka said.
For his part, Mojakgomo confirmed that he has left the morning slot post citing entrepreneurial interests. “I am leaving to start up my own business. I can confirm that Sadi is not the new host and I am not sure who will be taking up the post,” he said.
Programs Manager at Duma FM, Donald Seberane, confirmed Mojakgomo’s departure but declined to reveal who the new host of the show will be. “We can’t share for now. We will announce the new host on Duma FM media platforms.”