IFBO introduces Botswana’s first factory outlet

The idea is to bring as many quality brands as possible into Botswana at aff ordable prices

A new factory outlet located at Block 10 business park in Gaborone, iFBO, recently opened its doors to consumers. The shop, the first of its kind in Botswana, is expected to have at least 10 different international clothing brands by 2022 to add to the six labels – Zara, Berskha, Pull & Bear, Polo, Guess, Miss Sixty – that they already have.
“The biggest inspiration is to bring quality and trendy fashionable clothing at reasonable prices,” says the Manager Ravneek Chahal. “Botswana needed that fast moving quality fashion at affordable prices.”
The idea is to bring as many quality brands as possible into Botswana. Their major focus, Chahal says, is to trade with the best available brands across the world. “Our competition is not with any store in the country,” she told Time Out.
“We wanted to fill the gap between low cost and high cost fashion stores by offering customers affordable fashion without compromising on quality. “We want shoppers to explore from a whole new shopping experience under one roof with a large variety of brands and fashion styles for all on offer.”
She says the point about iFBO is to give customers a one-stop opportunity and freedom to choose from a variety of brands rather going from store to store, consuming. “We want people to wear the world’s best trendy brands at affordable prices with a large selection to choose from. Unlike other brands where there is a certain class that can afford to purchase items, in our store all customers are treated the same regardless of their pay slip,” Chahal said.
The outlet will cater for customers of all ages, toddlers, youth, teens, women and men. “The company’s motto is to create a fashion statement in Botswana and give our shoppers the best shopping experience at unbeatable prices whilst wearing the world’s best brands,” she said.
The concept of a factory outlet offers customers an opportunity to buy directly from manufacturers at lower prices than retail.
The concept was first introduced in the early 20th century. Manufacturers had the idea of selling discount slightly damaged items to their own employees that could not be displayed in a shop.
The concept reduced an important financial loss for the manufacturer and gave employees access to quality products at lower prices. The concept has evolved over decades with manufacturers now mainly destocking out of season collections with prices remaining attractive at a sizeable discount that beats retail price.
Outlets like iFBO sell several clothing brands. A factory outlet can be opened at the instance of several brands or they can be sales outlets in which the products are displayed in large warehouses. The idea is to buy in large quantities from manufacturers and resell to the consumer.