It’s a Vintage Affair


Vintage Classic cars, a concept by Ineeleng Kavindama are the latest attraction to hit the city. The vintage cars can be spotted around town and are ideal for wedding hires, red carpet, the film and music industry and other related lifestyle events to spice them up. Most of the vintage cars were sourced from South African vintage collectors but in the coming months as the demand grows they plan to expand their fleet and source overseas.
“Vintage Classics is a well thought concept, that adds that touch of historical touch to today’s events with a classic style that most have just seen on movies and novels. The initiative is unique and most appreciated by all,” said Kavindama.
Kavindama’s range of classic vintage automobiles are a rare collection and boast of a rich history dating back from 1927 Ford hatchback model which was popular before the World’s Great Depression of 1929 up to the second World War of 1945.
The 1938 Chevrolet model, the 1939 Chevrolet Deluxe and the British 1947 Austin 10 which recently chauffeured former president Ian Khama on his farewell visit in Thamaga Village, are some of the brands in the collection.  These models were very popular in classic movies like the 1939 Gone With the Wind Hollywood movie starring Clark Gable and Vivien Leigh. The range also includes popular vintage classics of the 60s like the 1963 Austin Cambridge, the 1965 Rolls Royce Princess Vanden Plas model, the 1967 Australian Holden model, the 1967 Volkswagen Notchback model. Popular models of the 70s include the German 1971 Mercedes Benz 230 model and the British Rover P6 of 1973, the MG Midget of 1973 and the 1959 Renault 4CV.  The British Rover P6 was voted European Car of the year in 1964(The very first winner of this title). Lastly the collection also includes one of the King Kong’s of the luxury automobiles industry- the 1983 Range Rover model which is ideal for rough terrains like the Okavango and Kalahari landscape.
Kavindama says their personal favourite is the Austin 10 as it is easy to market as it was made popular by former President Ian Khama or the Isaac Makwala car. The vintage collection is tailored to cater for low, medium and high budget clientele. The objective of the initiative is for all Batswana to be a part of the vintage lifestyle experience, as they do not want it to be perceived as if it’s for the exclusivity of the rich and famous.