iZaura designs for Lusaka July

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This year’s theme is ‘African Luxury’


Local fashion designer, Mothusi Lesolle of iZaura will be showcasing his new fashion line at Lusaka July social event slated for Saturday 8 July 2017 at Lusaka Polo Club, Showgrounds.
With a winning design currently displayed at Macy’s Metro Center in the US, Lesolle says the invitation to showcase reflects growth for his brand which he is currently pushing to become established internationally.
“Lusaka July is another stepping stone for my brand, it’s a big event run by big brands and hosts other noticed designers from across Africa. The event will broadcast live in 18 countries across Africa courtesy of Trace Africa which is great exposure for iZaura,” he said.
This year’s theme is ‘African Luxury’ and Lesolle says models will be draped in ten iZaura pieces displaying the African Luxury theme. Designers were asked to interpret the theme with their own creativity encompassing the set theme. “Botswana is a pioneer of tourism in Africa and the world and that is how I will be interpreting the theme. My garments would depict a rich woman exuding luxury in a safari, flowy seams, relaxed yet high fashion,” Lesolle described the concept of his designs to be showcased at the event.
Moreover, Lusaka July will also host renowned designers among others, Quiteria & George who are well known for the most beautiful creations on South Africa’s red carpets, fashion trailblazer, Chisoma of ChizÒ Designs, Zambia’s fashion designer Mwenge of Lace and Ivorian and Accra-based Totally Ethnik. According to Lesolle showcasing at the show will also afford him the opportunity to interact and build relations with other great African designers. “This is a chance for us to discuss how we can forge collaborations and penetrate each other’s market,” he explained.
Lusaka July is a Zambian social event that blends fashion with equestrian sport. Going on its second year the event is a spectacle of Lusaka’s evolving cosmopolitan culture which attracts socialites, celebrities and A-listers to indulge in a day of luxury and glamour.
“We are calling it the ‘Lusaka July’ as a spin-off the ‘Durban July’. We are focused on emphasizing the elegance, fashion and polo at this event. Ladies should come in their most fashionable dresses and fascinators, and gentlemen can dapper-up in their best outfits. So, get ready to enjoy the beautiful game of polo while you socialize in style,” said Monde Nyambe who is the event co-ordinator at PR Girl Media, the agency responsible for the organization of this event.