Joyous Celebration changed lives this weekend.


Joyous Celebrations over the weekend shook the University of Botswana indoor sports complex to its foundation with their thrill a minute and world class performance, leaving many with no regrets of spending on the hefty prized tickets for what turned out to be one of best organized events of the year.
Despite starting an hour late than the scheduled time, the delays did not dampen the highly spirited fans who finally experienced the event’s “Life changing Concert” theme. Organizer Joseph Manuel of Braveheart said, “Batswana love Joyous Celebration! The tickets were sold out and the feedback is positive. What more can we ask for?” he said.
Manuel also said they have a dream to not only be the best promotion’s company in Botswana, but to also host memorable events that become staples in the country’s lifestyle space. “We want to make this the best event in the country. There are a few areas of improvement that we identified and hopefully the next show will be bigger. As you may be aware this is now an annual event due every August because we have signed a 5 year contract with the gospel group,” he said, adding that they have received positive feedback from the police that there were no any injuries, causalities or identified cases of robbery or break inns.
He revealed that the multi-award winning larger than life gospel group has asked him to express their gratitude and love to Batswana. On stage, the various lead singers described Batswana as a loving and passionate crowd and promised the nation many more world class performances to come.
While many attendants sang along the popular Gospel hymns, the turning point was when the group switched to their Setswana song repertoire. The group switched to their popular, Lona ba ratang hophela and Jeso rato la hao hymns and paved way for other Tswana melodies which resonated well with the highly responsive crowd.
Joyous was formed in 1996 and has since grown in leaps and bounds, traversing the continent with their soul stirring gospel.