Local creative debuts art at Johannesburg gallery

Tanlume Enyatseng will be showcasing a body of work titled, “New Crime”

Creative director and writer Tanlume Enyatseng has been selected to showcase his work alongside  other artists at Johannesburg’s contemporary art gallery “NO END”, in a exhibition titled, “Piece by piece”.

“Piece by piece” is a collage themed, group exhibition curated by Sydney Keeney that celebrates a wide range of artists who use both traditional and digital collage as a medium. The exhibition runs from the 21st of November until the 8th of December, 2018.

Speaking on the exhibition, creative director Tanlume Enyatseng said, “This is an incredible honour. It has been a great year of features and industry nods for me, and this exhibition is an achievement I am wholly proud of. To be invited to share your art on a professional platform such as this reaffirms that my efforts are having a true impact, and allows me the opportunity to showcase my work to the regional art world and fly the proverbial flag for Botswana creatives. Indeed, it pushes us to continue to strive for excellence.”

Tanlume will be presenting a body of work titled “New Crime”. “New Crime” explores traditional media’s unrealistic representation of HIV/ AIDS over the years. “The catchy jingles, meaningless ethno-fied catch phrases and print ads where people living with the virus are all happy clappy over-comers who repeat the ABCs like a 70s cult. The digital collages share a satirical glimpse of the artist’s opinion on this heavy subject matter with inspiration from David Lynch and pop culture,” revealed a press statement from the artist.

“In the social media era, culture is increasingly challenging who gets represented and how. It is refreshing to see creative work- both the written and visual- challenge the ways we participate in online platforms and physical institutions like magazines and museums. I remain committed to using my writing and art as an opportunity to question contemporary culture, by imbuing my own identity within on the page and the images I share,” Enyatseng added.

Enyatseng is a passionate advocate for creative intellect and culture. He is the author and curator of an ARTivism blog titled Banana Emoji. His creative career has seen work he has conceptualised being featured in several publications, both local and international. This includes, but is not limited to, WeTransfer, AfroPunk, Bubblegum Club and Between 10and5.

No End Contemporary Art Space is an artist-run contemporary art gallery situated in Linden Johannesburg, South Africa. NO END Contemporary aims to showcase work in a variety of media by contemporary artists.