Local Scribe to Facilitate Creative Workshop for Teens

Write Me Free is a creative workshop initiative by author of Leah: A Seer’s Legend, Botho Lejowa for Batswana youth. Held on 10th March 2018, the workshop will host fifteen youth participants who will be taken through a series of activities to develop their writing skills. Participants will be introduced to a few writers who are mature in their writing space to get an appreciation of different kinds of writing approaches. Passionate about the philosophy of Botho that governs the African mind-set and culture especially in her home country of Botswana, she firmly believes that a person cannot exist as an island and as a result will facilitate the workshop free of charge as part of her community service.
“When I was growing up, writing was a hobby that I figured would stay under wraps and never become anything more than my creative outlet. Getting published not only opened my eyes to the possibilities of a writing career but was also a boost in confidence for the craft that I had always been too scared to share with the rest of the world.” Write Me Free aims to unlock the potential of storytelling in those youth who would otherwise not have an opportunity to do so in the context of their everyday lives. “This is an opportunity for me to pass on that same sense of wonder and inspiration that I got after a publishing house offered me a contract.” Sky Girls Magazine agreed to publish the best short story to come out of the workshop. “I believe that this is not only a motivating factor for the participants to work hard in the workshop but will also provide a sense of validation to the dreams of that teen who will get published as well as their peers as they witness it.” She says when she first announced through social media her intention to host the workshops, she was not prepared for the overwhelming support she received not only from individuals but from organizations like Daisy R who pledged money to help make the workshop a success. “I plan for this kind of workshop to become an annual event. It can only get better from here on out.” If you are or know of a teenager that is passionate about writing, please email tlejowa@hotmail.com with a brief (150 words) write up on why you want to participate in the workshop. The only guideline for the write up is to be as creative as possible.