Majestic Day Spa, a cut above the rest

“For us our main focus is wellness so we are all encompassing, so we do therapy tick and beauty offering massages, facials, hair and make up”- Naledi Makola


To help you ease in to a long, uninterrupted beauty palour specializing in hairdressing using latest technology cosmetics for hair, various facials, massages, body treatments, Majestic Day Spa beauty recently launched in Phakalane offers a great deal of  leisurely treats.
Founder Naledi Makola is an ambitious businesswoman with a schedule that would exhaust even the most energetic and dedicated amongst us. So, understandably, it took Time Out a whole lot of attempts to sit down the self driven beauty for a chat.
She struts in to the scene on a sequined colorful long dress oozing confidence for an exclusive interview as she slides in to a chair.
“We have just come out of the winter period so the reception from Batswana has been slightly slow, but we hope to draw people’s attention in the coming months because we are relatively new in the market. For us our main focus is wellness so we are all encompassing, so we do therapy tick and beauty offering massages, facials, hair and make up,” she explained.
Nothing says luxury like a fully fitted inside jaccuzi tub with pendant lighting with a remote dimmer alongside a decorative candles lighting. The massage bedrooms on the other hand proved to be an important sanctuary for an individual peace of mind with highly qualified youthful staff. The undone look of linen sheets is extremely popular now, however with this spa, a cozy ambiance is created for one to relax.
To create a show glow for some of the lucky attendants at the opening, Majestic Day staff offered free make up tips to give ladies a shimmering glow throughout the night. We all have unique skin concerns and sticking to make up that suits an individual’s skin needs which is why Majestic day spa offers a wide range of makeup products.
“The whole idea of this beauty spar is to escape the hustle and the bustle of town, as we all know the intention is to offer services to people to distress from long and busy days. Fine, we are located in a residential area, it is your typical foot traffic area but our spar creates that peaceful atmosphere for relaxing,” Makola stated.
Among flocks that turned up for the official opening of the beauty spa, this publication spotted Botswana Movement for Democracy President Ndaba Gaolatlhe who worked closely with Makola. “He has been influential in my journey and we do come a long way, so I hope in the near future I can repay the faith he has shown in me prior to this opening of my store,” Makola concluded.