Masa Square Hotel Recycles Bed Linens into Eco-Friendly Bags

In an effort to increase its green footprint, Masa Square Hotel has found a solution to reduce the amount of old linen that go to landfills in Botswana by creating an exclusive line of eco- friendly bags. An unprecedented sustainability initiative that will see the hotel process and reweave its bed linen transforming them into an array of eco-friendly bags, and ceasing to use plastic laundry bags in guest rooms.
“We are excited to embark on our new upcycling journey, the initiative will create a solution that allows us to repurpose materials that would have gone directly into the landfills as well as create a social impact program that will hopefully inspire change in the industry as a whole. Decomposing linens release methane, a harmful greenhouse gas into the air and in addition, the chemicals and dyes used in the linens can leak into the soil and pollute the ground waters near landfills. As Masa Square Hotel we always look for innovative projects that empower the well-being of our guests and associates as well as make a difference in the communities around us,” said Masa Square Hotel General Manager, Mr. Greg Soutter.
The collection of eco-friendly bags designed and produced exclusively by the Hotel feature an array of styles from shoe bags and laundry bags with messaging unique to the hotel. The aim is to highlight the environmental goals of the hotel. While fraying, pilling, tearing, staining, and fading may all be legitimate reasons as to why old linen should be desposed of, the hotel has developed a more sustainable solution to dispose of bedding.
“Reimagining Masa Square Hotel’s wonderfully soft bed linen to create this range of eco-friendly bags is an enchanting way of making people re-think what waste is. The bag looks great, feels great and has a story to tell.” concluded Soutter.